Serpent Smoker Preorder | Jan 28th 1pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I purchase your work?

The only place to buy work from me is here, on my website when I have work available.

I don't see _____ on your website, how can I buy one?

If you see something on my social media that isn't on my website or it says "sold out," it means more work is in production. I work in batches, so once something is gone, it won't be back until I update my shop.

Please note that all my pieces are one-offs and I never replicate them. I always reinvent and re-imagine, so if you see something you like that was already claimed, it’s possible there will be a new version of it in the future. 

If you miss a release or were not able to get the piece you wanted, there will be more on the way! You must be on my email waiting list to stay updated on when future work is being released and to be notified as soon as it's available. 

How often do you update your shop?

My intention is to release a new collection of work every 12-14 weeks. 

The ceramic process is long and time intensive, so this is the fastest I can go between collections without burning myself out. If I have special projects or extra work, I will add them to my shop between releases though!

I keep future release dates/times on my website header and in my Instagram bio.

How much will _____ cost?

I do not determine the prices of my work until the very end of production when I see the finished piece. Therefore, I do not give out prices until the shop preview that goes up several days before a release.

Do you offer custom work? How does it work?

I do! Please go here and complete the form to submit a request. If your idea falls within my skill set and interests me I will reach out to you to discuss more details about your project. Once you confirm, I will ask you to pay a deposit (50% of the estimated value of the piece) then I will get started! When I am finished with the piece you will be required to pay the final balance of the order before I ship it to you. 

Do you offer payment plan options?

Yes! I currently offer two payment plan options:

Shop Pay Installments- If you already have Shop Pay set up, you’ll have the option to pay the order in full or in four payments. There are no additional charges, interest fees or late fees. This method will not affect your credit score. 

PayPal Credit- This must be set up in advance with an existing PayPal account. You need to be 18 years or older to apply and PayPal will check your credit score. If you would like to use this feature, simply checkout with PayPal and hit the "Pay with PayPal Credit" button when finishing your order. 

Where are you based?

On the east coast of the United States in northwest Georgia.


How much will shipping cost?

I charge a flat rate shipping fee based on country/zone:

United States - $17 USD | $22 USD for insured shipping

Canada - $45 USD

Mexico - $50 USD

Europe + UK - $65 USD

Brazil + Saudi Arabia - $65 USD

Australia + New Zealand - $80USD

Depending on the package, the actual cost for me will be less or more than what I charge. If it's more, I pay the difference from my own pocket. If it's less, I will always reimburse you the difference!

**I am not responsible for paying import duties or taxes. This is an extra cost you will need to prepare for- the more expensive the order, the more these charges will be. 

How long will it take for my order to be shipped and delivered?

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority which takes 1-3 business days to be delivered domestically. I pack and ship out orders within 3-5 business days. Therefore, for domestic orders, you can expect your piece to arrive 7-9 business days after placing your order.

It's hard to estimate international orders because your package has to go through customs. Packages will usually move out of the United States within a few days after being shipped, then they are passed onto your local postal service. 

Do you ship internationally?

I currently ship to: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and most European countries.

I am sorry if your country is not in my shipping zone! I intend on offering my work worldwide eventually. 

**Please keep in mind that shipping ceramics overseas is expensive. As a small business owner, I cannot afford to absorb the cost of international postage. If you are international, prepare for this extra cost.

***By default, I do not insure international packages. If you would like insurance added to your postage, please email me with your order number within 24 hours of placing your order- this is an extra charge you will be asked to pay.

**Important Notice for European Union Customers**

There is a sales tax (the amount depends on the order value) that you will be asked to pay for upon delivery of your parcel. I am not responsible for this charge, so please consider it when purchasing from my shop. 


All orders are final sale so I do not accept returns.

Please read the descriptions and look through all the photos available. I put measurements and important details on each page. Remember that colors vary across devices, so your piece may look slightly different when you receive it.

**Due to the nature of every piece being entirely handmade and one of a kind, there may be small imperfections. I will always disclose and show pictures of any imperfections large enough to affect the aesthetic or functionality of a piece.

Damage + Refunds

I pack orders very carefully and every piece leaves my hands intact. Once the package leaves my hands I am no longer liable for it. In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged or is lost, it is *your responsibility* to submit a claim through USPS. If you chose to omit insurance on your package, you will not be reimbursed for the full value of your order and I am not responsible. 

International packages receive insurance up to $50. If you would like to add full insurance to your international order, please email me within 24 hours of purchasing so I may add that service before printing labels- this will be an additional cost. 


Ceramics can last lifetimes if cared for with love! I always recommend gently hand washing immediately after use. I advise avoiding the microwave, though any pieces *without gold or pearlescent glaze* are microwave safe if you must use one.


Tips For Shopping on Releases

Join my early access email list!

My early access list members will always be the first to shop new releases before they open to the public. If you are not on the list, there is a much lower chance you will be able to grab the piece you want. 

You can opt in at the top of the homepage! On release days, you will receive the password to my website 30 minutes before it is unlocked. 

Set an alarm

High-demand pieces have the potential to sell out quickly. Give yourself a reminder for a few minutes before the release time so you can be ready on my website right when it updates.

*All of my release times are in Eastern Standard Time, please adjust according to the time zone you live in.

Putting an item in your cart does not reserve it

You must complete the *entire* checkout process in order to secure your piece(s). 

Buy one at a time

If you want to get more than one piece, I suggest going through checkout with your first choice and then going back for the next one. 

**I will refund the extra shipping cost for those who place more than one order if the pieces can be safely shipped in one package!

Set up payment and shipping information in advance

If you have an Apple device, Apple Pay is the quickest payment method since it saves and enters all of your information for you. If you have an Android, Google Pay offers the same benefit.

PayPal is also fast if neither of the options above are available to you.

*Please double-check your shipping address after purchasing!*

Once you receive a confirmation email of your order, ensure that the shipping address you entered is correct. Please email me immediately with the correct address if you made an error. I can easily change the address if you email me before I ship your order. I am not responsible for incorrect shipping information.