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Meet The Artist

Hello! My name is Kenzie, I am the artist behind Soulstice! Creating art has always brought me immense joy. Creatively expressing myself is an inseparable part of who I am- if I'm not crafting something with my hands, I'm not truly thriving!

My first memory of being on a pottery wheel was when I was seven years old at summer camp. I revisited the wheel when I was in high school, where I fell deeply in love with the process of ceramics. I even asked my school admin if I could do two ceramics classes a day- they said no...

After I graduated, I kept having thoughts about how amazing it would be to create ceramics from home. A few years later in 2020, after becoming a mama, I followed the call and dove head first into expanding my knowledge on this earthy art form.

Clay rekindled my creative fire and gave me so much fulfillment, confidence and direction after such a massive life transition. Alongside mothering, Soulstice is my greatest passion. I've dreamt of building a creative career for so long, and I'm incredibly grateful for every person who helps support this dream!

I am a one-woman operation, working out of my spare room and garage space. I have dreams of eventually opening a studio to expand my possibilities. I envision big, vibrant things for Soulstice. Thank you for being part of my journey! 

My Values

Quality ~

I will never offer work that I don't believe is high-quality or something I'm not proud of. As a perfectionist, sometimes I take this to the extreme and get very critical of what I create. It's something I'm working on as an artist! 

The compensation I ask for will always be what I intuitively feel is worth the time, energy, materials, skill and creativity that went into the piece. I will discount work to the degree of its imperfections. 

Sustainability ~


Having a practice and business with the smallest possible environmental impact is always a top priority for me. Eco-packaging is more pricey than plastic, but it's an expense I'm willing to make.

All the packing materials I use to ship my work are made of recycled, organic materials that will biodegrade. Your order will be wrapped in paper bubble wrap alternative; nestled in dissolvable starch peanuts; and enclosed in a recycled box that is bound together by fully biodegradable tape.

*After you've received your order, please dispose of these materials with care if you don't intend on reusing them. The box, paper wrap and tape can all be recycled, or broken down and composted. The peanuts can be composted or simply dissolved in water- my dogs enjoy eating the ones that fall on the floor...

Studio Habits

Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to avoid accumulating some plastic when working with clay. Most clays, glazes, tools and other ceramic materials come in plastic packaging. I wish there was a way around it!

To offset this reality as much as I can, I search for products with the least amount of packaging. This means mixing my own glazes, sourcing materials from other small businesses with similar sustainability values, recycling clay, etc. 

Any plastic I inevitably acquire is reused and given a practical use in the studio. If there is plastic in your package, this is one way I reuse it! 

Authenticity + Transparency ~

Staying true to who I am and what's important to me will always be a pillar in the foundation of Soulstice. I create what my heart craves and feels authentic to me. I share the work of other artists I’m inspired by . 

If I am ever promoting a product that is part of a sponsorship, it is a product/brand that fully aligns with my values. I will never sacrifice my integrity for extra income, so know that whatever I happen to share with you is something I stand behind entirely.